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For more information on these applications please contact Michael Friscia
Michael.Friscia@Yale.edu or 432-1856
RefTrack Desktop This application is in beta testing using the live Reftrack Database.
Barcode ExtractorThis application allows you to paste in a huge blob of information and it will extract all 14 digit barcodes.
Compare Data

Here is the link to install the application (Note that you must use Internet Explorer for this installation process). Before you install you need to make an empty folder in your C: drive called "export" (without the quotes). The installer will not function properly if you don't do that first.

Once you have made the export folder, open this link in IE
and click on Install. It will take a minute and you'll see a "verifying..." window while it's working. When the install is finished the app will launch. In the future you can launch it from the Start Menu Programs List under Yale University Library.

The app is quite simple and intuitive - you simply load your two lists as text files using the Load File 1 and Load File 2 buttons. You'll see the lists appear as you load them just below the buttons along with a row count. In the boxes below your lists you'll see any duplicates that have been found in the individual lists. In the first box to the right you'll see any items from File 1 that are not in File 2 and in the furthest right-hand box you'll see any items from File 2 that don't appear in File 1. All of those lists can be exported as a text file with the associated Export button which opens the list in Notetab.

Controlled VocabularyThis is a password protected application that extends the Extensis Portfolio software used for cataloging images. This application is currently being replaced by a newer version called Digital Collections Manager.
Digital Collections ManagerThis is an updated version of the Controlled Vocabulary application used to extend Extensis Portfolio's cataloging software. The new program offers new features:
  • CAS Authentication
  • Expanded tools to handle data that is not in the controlled vocabulary structure
  • Methods to retrieve lost metadata from Portfolio
  • Abiility to work with search suggestions in a beta version of Digital Collections
  • Real time statistics for Portfolio, Metagallery and Digital Collections.
Google Scholar SearchThis is a simple application that allows you to search Google scholar and retrieve results that can be exported. It is not intended to be a replacement of the website for Google Scholar but will grow into a tool to use for comparing the ranking of search results across several databases. Currently it is possible to compare Jstor and Google Scholar. Future improvements will include a way to save searches and to search other databases.
Image To JP2This application accepts TIF files and converts them to JP2 images.
Orbis Data This application uses the Orbis OAI connection to extract data from BIB_ID or Barcode. Output is customized to include Dublin Core or Marc fields desired.
MD5 Verification and CreationThis application will check and create MD5 checksums on a selected directory.
Compare DirectoriesThis application will check and create Compares two directories to determine which sub-directories are missing from each directory.
Compare FilesThis application will check and create Compares two directories to determine which files are missing from each directory.